Blink Video Doorbell, Amazon’s first video doorbell is here

It is becoming more and more fashionable to complement our home with thousands of smart home devices that continue to revolutionize our lives, either by offering us some convenience or just beautifying our environment. Although many still don’t know that our home starts with one door, with devices like the new Blink video intercom, the first wireless video doorbell introduced by Amazon itself.

Completely eliminating the use of cables, which allows us to quickly and easily install this device, it is powered by two AA lithium batteries, which guarantee a service life of up to two years without the need for any supervision or maintenance.

The big advantage of this doorbell, therefore, lies in its smart part, since we can connect it directly to our smartphone in order to receive any notifications or alerts through the Blink app, in addition to synchronizing it with our house’s doorbell of course.

Therefore, the Blink Video doorbell offers us two different ways to see who is on the other side of the intercom, thanks to the two-way audio function that allows us to answer the doorbell through this device; At the same time, it gives us a little extra security, allowing us to see our door in real time at 1080p even at night thanks to the inclusion of an infrared sensor.

And it is that we can even record, save and share all interactions with the doorbell both in the cloud and in the device memory, external USB memory, allowing us to keep absolute control over our home environment.

In addition, being an Amazon smart device, we will have support for the Alexa voice assistant, the ability to use voice commands to play a picture on compatible Echo or Fire devices, as well as receive voice notifications when they ring the doorbell or detect some kind of movement.

Availability and price

Currently we can already find the Blink Video doorbell available for purchase through Amazon Spain with two color options to choose from between black and white models at a base price of 59.99 euros. Although it should be noted that if we want to access the live video features and bi-directional audio connection, we will have to add the Blink 2 sync module as an add-on , adding another 34.99 euros, also available in the web distributor.

In addition, Amazon offers a free month trial of this service at €3/month per device or €10/month for unlimited devices.

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