Bitcoin Platform Bakkt Partners With This Tech Giant To Expand Crypto Payment Options

Digital asset marketplace Bakkt is teaming up with a tech giant in hopes of making cryptocurrencies more accessible to its users.

In a new press release, Bakkt announced a partnership with Google on Friday that enables the platform’s customers to add Bakkt Visa debit cards into Google Pay.


According to the statement, the debit card allows customers to purchase goods and services by converting crypto assets into fiat currency. Bakkt’s website says the company will sell enough of the user’s cryptocurrencies to fund each payment.

The new partnership with Google allows Bakkt’s card to be used online and in stores wherever Google Pay is accepted.

Bakkt, which is owned by marketplace infrastructure provider Intercontinental Exchange, also partnered with Google Cloud to help push forward plans to build new analytics along with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and geolocation functionalities on its platform.

Explains Bakkt CEO Gavin Michael,

In April, crypto exchange Gemini released support for Google Pay and Apple Pay, allowing users to purchase crypto assets via the payment platforms. US-based crypto exchange Coinbase followed suit and announced an integration with Google Pay and Apple Pay in August.


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