BioShock 4 can be an exclusive game for one console

It is possible that BioShock 4 will be fully or temporarily exclusive to PlayStation hardware. New rumors mention a possible deal between 2K Games and Sony.

Rumors about the new BioShock have been appearing on the web for a long time. We know for sure that the game is still in development and will not be what fans of the series are used to. Studio Cloud Chamber focuses on expanding the well-known formula, although we still have to wait for the announcement.

In the meantime, a very interesting rumor circulated the network. A well-known informant, Shpeshal Ed, said during the Xbox Era podcast that the game could be an exclusive title for one of the consoles. Sony is allegedly talking to Cloud Chamber publisher, 2K Games, about a possible PS5 exclusivity deal.

However, the guide cannot say whether it is temporary or full exclusivity. Considering that the BioShock trilogy has hit all platforms so far, I would be leaning more towards the first option. Nevertheless, it is an unconfirmed rumor so far. However, Shpeshal Ed is considered a reliable source of leaks.

BioShock 4 relies on a new engine

It is not a rumor that BioShock 4 is created on the Unreal Engine 5. This is indicated by job offers at Cloud Chamber, and unless there are drastic changes to the design, the game will use new technology from Epic Games.

This is great news for fans of a nice setting, but it means that we will have to wait a little longer for the game. However, the use of a new version of the engine requires some practice.

So far, it is not known when we will see the official presentation or even the teaser of the new BioShock. Brand fans should keep their finger on the pulse.