Best Mika build in Genshin Impact – Weapons, Artifacts, & more!

Best Mika build in Genshin Impact – Weapons, Artifacts, & more!

Mika is the ever-reliable Front Line Land Surveyor of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company, whose passion for cartography landed him the elusive opportunity to work with some of Monstadt’s most influential figures, including Varka. He has a unique attack pattern that utilizes both a polearm and a crossbow, but he’s best used as a versatile support across two kinds of teams.

Genshin Impact Mika build guide – Mika playstyle

Mika offers plenty of utility, cementing his role as a support that excels in Cryo application, buffing Attack Speed and Physical Damage, and Healing.

Mika’s Elemental Skill is particularly useful. Holding and firing it allows you to target a specific enemy, applying Cryo onto both the target and surrounding enemies. Doing so grants the party an Attack Speed buff and generates Rimestar Shards that give on-field characters a 10 percent Physical Damage bonus (max four stacks).

Meanwhile, Mika’s Elemental Burst heals the party and applies the Eagleplume state, which allows the on-field character to heal themselves by using Normal Attack. With that said, he’s best played as an off-field support, only swapping him in to apply the above buffs.

Best weapons for Mika in Genshin Impact

Mika is best paired with weapons that can boost Energy Recharge (he needs a lot of it!) or HP.

Five-star options

We generally don’t recommend giving Mika five-star weapons as other characters can make better use of them.

  • Skyward Spine
  • Engulfing Lightning

Four-star options

  • Favonius Lance (consider building some Crit when using this weapon to take advantage of its passive)
  • Prototype Starglitter
  • “The Catch”

Three-star options

  • Black Tassel (not recommended if you don’t have enough Energy Recharge)

Best Artifacts for Mika in Genshin Impact

Mika requires a lot of Energy Recharge to maximize his Elemental Burst. His heals also scale off HP, so you want to focus on Artifacts that grant these two stats. Opt for Energy Recharge Sands, an HP percent Goblet, and an HP percent or Healing Bonus Circlet. For substats, build as much Energy Recharge and HP as possible. And for Artifact sets, the following are great options.

  • The Exile (best-in-slot)
    • This is a four-star set that boosts the wielder’s Energy Recharge and helps generate Energy Particles for the entire team. It’s a great option given that Mika doesn’t require high stats for his role.
  • Noblesse Oblige
    • This is a great option that boosts the entire team’s Attack after the wielder casts their Elemental Burst. This bonus doesn’t stack, so make sure only one character team is using this four-piece set.
  • Alternatives: Ocean-Hued Clam or Maiden’s Beloved for Healing Bonus Er Sands

Best teammates for Mika in Genshin Impact

Mika can be used in a variety of team comps, playing either of the following roles:

  • Physical buffer – Mika can help trigger Superconduct to shred the enemy’s Physical Resistance. His best teammate would be Eula, plus an Electro support like Fischl or Raiden Shogun, and your preferred character for the last slot. He can also be used in a Physical Zhongli build.
  • Attack Speed buffer – Mika can be used as an Attack Speed buffer paired with characters that use their Normal Attacks. Some of the best characters for this team include Ayato, Yoimiya, and Wanderer, plus other Normal Attack-boosting units like Yun Jin.

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