Best Ability Stone Calculator for Lost Ark

Best Ability Stone Calculator for Lost Ark

Popular fantasy MMORPG Lost Ark sees your character battling to recover seven pieces of a powerful artifact in an attempt to stave off demons appearing through dimensional rifts. As you work through the storyline you’ll first level up your character, but soon the concentration switches to having the best gear such as armor and bracelets. While this is often about grinding endgame content to find the gear you need, there are also randomized items with luck elements attached to upgrading them, such as Ability Stones. Below we’ll discuss what we feel is the best Ability Stone Calculator for Lost Ark.

How do you use the ability stone calculator in Lost Ark?

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In truth the majority of Lost Ark Ability Stone Calculators are working off the same basic math model, so should do a very similar job. But the one we’ve had the most positive feedback from has been the one over at Lost Ark Meta Game (pictured above). It is simple to use and does the math we don’t want to do!

  1. Enter the number of nodes the Stone has.
  2. Mark whether you want to maximize one or both rows.
  3. Follow the Next indicator’s advice in the game.
  4. Tell the calculator whether it was a Success or Failure.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

These calculators work out the odds of getting the outcome you want. However, it is important to remember that no matter what calculator you use, upgrading Ability Stones in Lost Ark uses a random number generator (RNG). There is no magic formula. Some players will get the perfect Stone the first time, while it will take others numerous attempts. Unfortunately, that’s just how RNGs work. Good luck!

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