Battlefield 2042 is getting its biggest update to date. DICE Announces Amendments

Battlefield 2042 is getting another third update soon. As the developer promises, this is the largest patch ever applied to a game.

DICE is not idle. The developers are very keen to ensure that players are free of bugs.

Battlefield 2042 Biggest Update To Date

DICE has decided on its official blog to announce the next updates to be released for the BF2042. We wrote about the first of them, which will get to the players faster, here. The list of fixes is impressive, but only patch 3 can be revolutionary.

Of course, gamers have long been waiting for the BF2042 to be repaired. The developers are proud to announce the list of fixes, which is extremely extensive and applicable to almost every element in the game. It was decided to improve the player’s interface, added new icons and notifications, and resolved to fix problems with displaying objects and various graphical errors. However, these are mostly cosmetic changes.

The gameplay itself and its various systems will also be improved. The creators boast over 150 minor map fixes. Portal mode can look forward to new content and updates. Several patches will also appear in the most dangerous zone – we will get a better menu, improvements to some accessories and a reward system.

The full changelog also covers things like operator repairs, sound, melee, weapons, vehicles and so on and so on … Everything DICE promises can be found in the company’s blog . When will we see the long-awaited patch release?