assumes a DDoS attack. Players were unable to connect to various game servers

Just yesterday, a pretty serious DDoS attack took place on The service has come back to life, but the players are still unhappy.

The moment you take time out of the week to enjoy a week of double experience in Call of Duty: Vanguard and the server isn’t responding. .. fell victim to a DDoS attack

Activision Blizzard hasn’t been very colorful lately. Harassment charges, the whole Bobby Kotek scandal in the center and even yesterday … a DDoS attack. Indeed, fate befell the company.

Call of Duty: Vanguard lasts a week to earn double experience points. So it’s no surprise that after work / school / whatever, players flock to the servers in droves to make the most of this time. The problem arises when the servers just don’t respond. What then do fans do? Of course they are nervous.

The situation seemed serious yesterday, that is, on Wednesday, November 24, Polish night time. Not only did the CoD servers fail to respond, but so did Overwatch and World of Warcraft. How fast Blizzard announced in its communication to Twitter , the network has become a victim of DDoS-attacks. According to the Down Detector website, the crisis appeared to be resolved around noon. However, players have also reported issues after the crash, so the company has shared a troubleshooting link.

The whole situation, of course, affected American servers, but the players immediately began to interrupt each other in theories about the cause of the attack. Who is behind it? What is he up to? Did he succeed? We will not know the answer. Some internet users believe this is punishment for the way the company treats its employees.

Others believe the Lizard Squad hacker group is responsible for this (which should rather be seen as a joke). However, fans didn’t leave the company dry. Most cannot understand why such a large corporation cannot defend itself against such attacks.