Audeze Euclid Review: Excellent Detail From These Planar Magnetic IEMs

Audeze Euclid Review: Excellent Detail From These Planar Magnetic IEMs

There are few names in the world of audio hardware synonymous with quality, and Audeze is one of them. Well known for its exceptional planar magnetic headphones and earbuds, when you pick up an Audeze product, it comes with a certain expectation.

Planar magnetic earbuds are still a relatively niche area of audio hardware, which is why Audeze’s Euclid planar magnetic earbuds are a bit special. Of course, they’re not the only planar magnetic earbuds on the market, but given Audeze’s reputation and my previous experiences with its other headphones—let’s just say, Audeze’s first closed-back planar magnetic earbuds come with lofty expectations attached.

Audeze Euclid Style and Comfort

You can’t talk about the Audeze Euclid earbuds without first mentioning the carry case. No, we’re not talking about the standard, pocket-sized carry case you get with other earbuds. Instead, the Audeze Euclid comes in a solid plastic case with a snug foam inlay, with the earpieces nestled safely inside.

audeze euclid earbuds case top down

It’s immediately different from any other earbuds you’ve ever owned and instantly sets the Audeze Euclid’s apart.

The earbuds themselves are manufactured in smooth, machined aluminum with a striking gold-colored band around the housing, while at the rear of the earbud, you’ll find a gold “A”in the center of the carbon fiber cap. They are deceptive, looking simultaneously remarkable yet similar to any other set of earbuds you might think of; such are the hazards of using an all-black housing.

What you do notice is the overall size of the Euclid earbud when you pick them up. Each earbud weighs 8g, which is fairly high in terms of earbud weight (an aluminum case will do that), but they don’t necessarily feel heavy. However, the casing itself is on the large size. As someone with smaller ears, fitting the Audeze Euclid into my ear comfortably wasn’t easy, even after switching to the smallest set of ear tips in the box.

audeze euclid earbuds one bud on wires-1

Once the Euclid is in place, they remain so, and the size of the earbud doesn’t impair the listening experience. Furthermore, as these are wired planar magnetic IEMs, you’re not moving around as you would do with a “regular”set of earbuds, so the onus on remaining secure while walking around or even going for a run isn’t the same.

Still, the size and weight contributed to a little ear fatigue, for me at least. As said, I have relatively small ears, so your mileage will vary should you choose to buy these earbuds.

Finally, the Audeze Euclid earbud’s build quality is second to none. The aluminum casing with a carbon fiber cap and the overall detail on these earbuds are fantastic, and they feel like a premium product in your hand.

Audeze Euclid Connectivity

The Audeze Euclid are wired IEMs, meaning you’ll need to plug them into your audio source. Thankfully, the Audeze Euclid uses the universal MMCX connector, which means you can use the cable supplied in the box, or you can swap it out for one of your own.

You might find the supplied cable a little on the short side, at around 1.2m, but given you’re most likely to use these earbuds while sat a desk or similar, it’s not the end of the world. The connectors can be difficult to remove, too. I had to get my fingernails into the space between the connector and the earbud to release the cable.

audeze euclid earbuds open with buds-1

Now, a separate wireless cable is available for the Audeze Euclid, enabling Bluetooth connectivity using aptX HD (but just AAC for iPhone). Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to try this, but the Euclids aren’t exactly a set of earbuds you’d consider taking out with you. Still, the option is there if you want it.

audeze euclid earbuds side by side logo showing-1

Something else to note about the Audeze Euclid is that while you’ll undoubtedly get the best sound quality from an amp or similar, these earbuds will also work plugged straight into the 3.5mm jack on your computer or laptop.

Audeze Euclid Sound Quality

Inside the Euclid housing are the 18mm planar magnetic drivers. 18mm drivers on earbuds are absolutely huge and contribute not only to the larger overall housing of the buds but also to what makes Audeze’s drivers and sound quality so good.

The driver design is also what enables Audeze to pack its planar magnetic drivers into such a small unit to begin with. Where most planar magnetic transducers use multiple magnetic arrays, the Audeze Euclid uses just one, which keeps the earbuds light enough to be comfortable for long periods.

audeze euclid earbuds top down-1

So, that’s a rough outline as to how the planar magnetic drivers work—but how do the Audeze Euclid earbuds sound?

For a start, the overall frequency and range of these earbuds sound controlled, delivering an immaculate and analytical sound. It’s no surprise that earbuds at this price point come with a clean sound that doesn’t attempt to push your audio in any specific direction; you’d be a bit miffed if it did. But with a frequency response between 10Hz to 50kHz, it’s a very broad soundstage and one that has enough space and quality to let almost any type of audio shine.

audeze euclid earbuds upside down-1

Despite the much larger drivers, the bass response and overall tone are really smooth, with the planar magnetic drivers increased response time and accuracy really shining through on tracks where bass is the focal point. And not just when it is the focal point, either. Although planar magnetic headphones are known for highlighting the intricacies of bass and sub-bass, you’ll start to pick out new features in tracks you’ve listened to hundreds of times before.

These are a wonderfully clean set of earbuds, as you’d expect from Audeze. You’ll find clarity in the mid-range, where each instrument is delivered precisely, and the vocals sound crisp and accurate. Its soundstage is wide and dynamic, which will suit those who want to up their audio listening experience.

Should You Buy the Audeze Euclid Planar Magnetic IEMs?

The Audeze Euclid IEMs cost $1,299. It’s a fair old whack of cash for a set of IEMs, and one that will put some potential purchasers off.

Spending that amount on a set of earbuds isn’t an easy swallow. But if you’re looking to drastically step your audio listening experience up from a set of $20 IEMs from AliExpress, the Audeze Euclid planar magnetic IEMs are worth your time.

The biggest difference you get with the planar magnetic IEMs is the overall tone of the audio. The accuracy and precision of these admittedly price buds is almost second to none. For me, the difficulty comes in comparing these to any other earbuds or IEMs. Planar magnetic earbuds are a rarity, so much so that most people have never and probably will never use them. Advising you to buy $1,000+ earbuds is difficult enough without being able to offer a meaningful comparison.

However, having used the Audeze Euclid earbuds for a long testing period, I can safely say that Audeze has created yet another sumptuous audio experience that may well justify the price tag.

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