Arctic recalls batches of MX-5 thermal paste due to ‘anomalies’

The Arctic MX series thermal pastes are well known in the industry and often used here at KitGuru. As far as thermal paste is concerned, MX series compounds are reliable and perform better than most pre-applied thermal pastes. However, a defective batch of MX-5 paste ended up in the wild, forcing Arctic to recall the defective product.

According to Arctic , there are defective batches of MX-5 thermal paste that have been discontinued. The company explains that the affected formulations contain “abnormalities in consistency and shelf life” that result in increased oil separation in the paste and premature hardening. No one needs cured thermal paste, as Arctic claims it can cause “adverse effects and application difficulties.”

Arctic has already identified the affected lots and is withdrawing them from circulation to prevent anyone from buying the dodgy MX-5. It seems that the quality control in the Arctic was not strict enough to avoid sending such compounds.

If you have purchased MX-5 thermal paste and believe it is from one of the affected lots, you can contact Artic via the customer support page . Affected products may be returned and replaced without exception.