Apple to invest a further $30 million on Racial Equity and Justice Initiative

Apple to invest a further $30 million on Racial Equity and Justice Initiative

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Apple has announced that it will spend a further $30 million on its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI) which helps those trying to make the world more inclusive. Funds from REJI are distributed to various entities including students, innovators, and advocacy organizations.

The latest investment from Apple will go to several projects including a Global Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Equity Innovation Hub, increased education initiatives for community colleges and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), a new group of Hispanic and Latinx founders and developers will be able to partake in Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp immersive tech lab, and there’s funding for those working in criminal justice reform and environmental justice.

Commenting on the funding, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, said:

‘The call to build a more just and equitable world is an urgent one, and at Apple, we feel a collective responsibility to help drive progress forward. The commitments we’re sharing will help the young leaders of today and tomorrow start new businesses, develop groundbreaking innovations, and inspire countless others to join the fight for justice. We’re grateful to all of the trailblazing organizations we’re partnering with for their tireless dedication to equity as we work toward a better future together.’

The $30 million that Apple has announced today builds on the $100 million it has already invested through REJI. By targeting investments at HSIs and HBCUs, Apple hopes to equip the next generation of students and leaders to ‘dismantle structures that perpetuate inequities and institutional racism’. If you’d like to learn more about how the company is investing to deliver racial equity, check out its page on racial equity and justice.

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