Apple seeds third iOS 15.2, iPadOS 15.2 and macOS 12.1 to developers

The beta process keeps on trucking along. Apple has seeded the latest betas of its next updates for the company’s most popular operating systems. And while it might not be adding any major forward facing new features to the mix, there are certainly some noteworthy new additions.

But, first, the gritty details. On Tuesday, Apple seeded the third betas of iOS 15.2, iPadOS 15.2, and macOS Monterey 12.1 to developers. The company seeded the previous betas earlier this month. As it stands right now, there is no indication when the updates will be ready for prime time with a public launch, and we may still have a few more beta seeds to work through.

Of course, these betas should not be installed on daily drivers. It’s meant for testing purposes only, and the software may be a little rough around the edges. That can make daily usage a bit unsteady. It’s likely that Apple will seed a corresponding public beta for eligible software soon enough.

As far as what’s new in this beta, that remains to be seen. If that changes, we will update this post accordingly. Until then, here’s what Apple added in previous betas:

What’s new in previous betas

There’s quite a bit that Apple is adding and/or tweaking in iOS 15.2. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • iOS 15.2 adds the Communication Safety feature that’s part of Apple’s Expanded Protections for Children suite of features.
  • The new software supports passing down the “digital legacy” of the iPhone owner to designated individuals.
  • iOS 15.2 allows users to quickly identify unknown tracking devices utilizing the Find My network, including AirTags.
  • The stock Camera app now offers a toggle for enabling or disabling Macro mode in the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

As soon as we know more about this latest beta, we will update as necessary. Developers can download and install the new prerelease software as an over-the-air update on properly registered devices. It can also be downloaded directly from Apple’s developer portal.