Apple will let you fix your iPhone and Mac yourself!

Apple has announced a new initiative, Self Service Repair, which allows users to repair their hardware with a bitten apple. First we will be able to repair the iPhone 12 and 13 ourselves, then the Maki with the M1.

Apple DIY Repair

Self-repair will take place in the following stages:

  1. The user refers to a special manual prepared by Apple to find out what parts and tools he needs to repair the device himself.
  2. The user orders the necessary spare parts and tools in the new online store, which will be opened by Cupertino – Apple Self Service Repair Online Store.
  3. After home repair (according to Apple’s official instructions), the user can return old parts for recycling, for which he will receive a discount on subsequent purchases of Apple equipment.

At the initial stage, the store will have about 200 original parts and tools that will allow performing the most popular repair – replacing the display, battery and camera module in the iPhone 12 and 13.

More tools and parts will be available later to enable more complex home renovations, including a Mac with an M1 chip.

The program will begin in early 2022 in the United States and will expand to other countries later this year.

Apple notes that Self Service Repair was created for users with extensive technical knowledge and experience in repairing electronic equipment. But, of course, each user will have the opportunity to repair equipment at home – his qualifications are not checked in any way.

At first glance, it seems that the existing Apple services, paradoxically, will have even more work to do – to repair equipment that has broken down during home repairs.

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