Apple makes peer group benchmarks available to developers in App Analytics

Developers who submit their apps to the Apple App Store can now see peer group benchmarks within the App Analytics tool to better compare their apps’ performance to similar apps available on the App Store. According to the tech giant, this will enable developers to get a clearer insight into what customers want from their apps and better adapt to their needs, which could lead to greater revenues.

Apple says that peer group benchmarks will take into account an app’s App Store category, business model, and download volume to make sure it’s being compared to similar apps. It says it has employed privacy-preserving techniques to keep the performance of individual apps private while giving developers actionable insights to increase the number of users using their apps.

Some actions that Apple says developers could take with the new information include testing different elements of your product page to see which attract users, getting feedback on beta versions of their apps, offering in-app events to encourage engagement and more.

Anyone who wants to view benchmark data for their apps can use this help page to learn more. If you want to find out more about taking action on insights from benchmarks then check out this webpage.

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