Apple Car will be fully autonomous, without steering wheel or pedals – Apple accelerates work on its car (report)

In a recent report, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says Apple has accelerated work on Apple Car under the leadership of a new project leader. The car should be fully autonomous, and its premiere will take place earlier than previously planned.

Apple Car – fully autonomous, no steering wheel

Kevin Lynch, Apple’s vice president of technology, was named head of the Titan project this September to develop an electric autonomous car. Bloomberg sources say work on the Apple Car has been gaining momentum since then.

First of all, it was finally decided that the car created by the Cupertino engineers would be a fully autonomous vehicle and not a classic human-driven vehicle that would only have an autopilot function. The reason for this is the technological breakthrough in autonomous driving that the company has recently achieved.

According to the informants, the processor, which will become the heart of the system, is almost ready. It was developed by the same team that makes chips for iPhones, Macs, and other devices. Now another team will be working on an improved cooling system for this processor.

Apple Car does not require human intervention while driving – so it will not have a classic steering wheel or pedals (gas, clutch, brakes). However, it is possible that he will be equipped with navigation devices that will allow him to take control of the car in an emergency.

The space inside the car will also be organized differently – one of the options discussed in Cupertino is to create an interior similar to that of the recently unveiled Canoo electric car, in which the passenger sits facing forward or sideways, like in a limousine.

Cupertino also tested the idea of ​​placing a large iPad, used to operate the infotainment system, in the center of the car so that all passengers have access to it. The system itself, of course, will be highly integrated with Apple mobile devices.

Bloomberg informants emphasize that Cupertino takes security very seriously, so they are working on a security system that will be much more advanced than the one currently used by Tesla or Waymo.

Sources in Cupertino also report that the company currently plans to list the car for sale in 2025, rather than between 2026 and 2028, as was thought until recently.