Apex: thermal grease in a 100g can!

When you are an overclocker, assembler or tester of computer hardware, thermal paste, we can say that we spend a lot. Often we are looking for the largest package in order to save money and buy as little as possible. So Alphacool is addressing this need with Apex Paste now available in 20g, 50g and 100g jars!

Apex: dough available in extra large packs!

The paste must be non-conductive, so it can be applied anywhere and on any component. On the other hand, the brand does not reveal the composition of its new Nutella. However, Alphacool states that it contains nanoparticles capable of filling the smallest air pockets.

Finally, the most important thing: air conditioning. The paste is now available in 20g, 50g and 100g jars, guaranteeing a multitude of uses. In addition, the container is resealable to prevent the dough from drying out.

In addition, economies of scale must be present, as the company claims a 20% savings in weight when buying a 20g jar compared to a 4g syringe. On Aquatuning , the price per kilogram is 2016.60 euros for 100g versus 4024 euros for a pack 4 g. But still such an amount is needed.

Otherwise, in terms of price, these 20g, 50g and 100g jars will cost you €60.48, €131.08 and €201.66 respectively!

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