Anker just made AirTag better than Apple

Apple introduced the AirTag in 2021 as a small Bluetooth-powered item tracking tag for $29. Now Anker has unveiled a tracker compatible with Apple’s same Find Me network, and it could be better than Apple’s own AirTag.

One of Anker’s (many) sub-brands, Eufy, has released “Security SmartTrack Link”. Like the Apple AirTag, it’s a small, battery-powered device that can be attached to objects. You can then check where the tag is on your phone or tablet, and if it’s within range, it might start making noise to help you locate it. The tag is compatible with Apple’s Find Me network, so any Apple devices that pass by will update their location, just like Apple’s own AirTag. It is water resistant (but not waterproof) and uses replaceable CR2032 batteries.

However, SmartTrack Link is in many ways better than Apple’s tracker. First, it’s cheaper – AirTag usually costs $29 (or $99 for a pack of four) and SmartTrack Link is $19.99. The Anker version has a hole for attaching to a keychain, and the Apple AirTag requires a separate accessory for the same job, which costs even more money. While you can use SmartTrack Link as a simple AirTag replacement with Apple’s Find My app, it can also be connected to Eufy’s own security app, which also works with Android phones and tablets. Apple AirTag is only compatible with Apple products.

Eufy Security SmartTrack Link is only available in the company’s own store – at least for now. It costs $19.99 with free shipping, and there’s a temporary coupon code (WS24SM) that will drop the price even further to $16.

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