AMD has never been so powerful with processors. Manufacturer celebrates success

Recent months have been challenging for electronics manufacturers, leading to supply issues and falling sales. It turns out that the crisis has also affected the processor market.

Mercury Research has published a report on the processor market.

Not good – the crisis in the processor market

According to analysts, in the first quarter of 2022, sales fell in almost the entire processor market (the IoT / SoC segment is an exception here). In the case of desktop processors, this decline was a record 30% (which would be in line with the latest sales statistics).

As you might guess, this is not very good information for equipment manufacturers. Both Intel and AMD saw significant sales declines. However, there is a curiosity here, because AMD had a slower fall, thanks to which … the manufacturer was doing better than its competitors.

AMD with record processor market share

AMD increased its processor market share to a record 27.7% (7 percentage points higher than a year ago). The manufacturer has something to be glad about, because this is the highest result in the history of the company!

Segment Current market share Difference from Q4 2021 Difference from the first quarter of 2021
Desktop Processors 18.3% +2.1 p.p. -1.0 p.p.
Notebook processors 22.5 +0.9 p.p. +4.4 p.p.
Server processors 11.6% +0.9 p.p. +2.7 p.p.
Whole 27.7% +2.1 p.p. +7.0 p.p.

This is largely due to the mobile segment and servers, where the shares are respectively 22.5% and 11.6% (ie +4.4pp and +2.7pp compared to the same period last year). In the case of desktops, the manufacturer recorded a decrease of 1 p.p. and currently stands at 18.3% (and according to the manufacturer’s forecast, this decline may continue in the coming months). Thus, you can see the excellent reception of competing Intel Alder Lake systems.

Certainly, Intel remains the market leader with almost 3/4 of the processor market share. Apple also looks good, recently introducing laptops with proprietary systems M1, M1 Pro, M1 Ultra based on the ARM architecture.

Source: Tom’s Hardware, Mercury Research.

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