Amazon is giving away $10 store credit: here’s how to get it

Amazon Prime Day is coming up, and if you’re planning to buy something, you might want to take advantage of the $10 store credit that Amazon offers to shoppers. Here’s how to do it.

Amazon has launched the Prime Day Stampcard , which gives you $10 in store if you complete four tasks. You must make a purchase of at least $5 that qualifies for Prime, watch something on Prime Video (which can be anything), listen to any song on Prime Music, and grab an e-book from Prime Reading. After you complete all four tasks, you will receive $10 in your Amazon account within 24 hours.

There are no significant catches here, except that you must click the “Activate Your Stampcard” button before completing the tasks. The promotion is also only available to Amazon Prime subscribers, so if you have a regular free Amazon account, you’ll have to sit it out (or sign up). Asking you to order something is the only thing worth anything, but if you already have a Prime subscription, you’re probably going to order something before July 13th anyway.

The stampcard will disappear after 11:59 pm ET on July 13, 2022, so you need to complete all tasks before that time. You also don’t have to spend money during Prime Day – Amazon says the credit expires a year after it’s received.

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