Amazon introduces controversial new Alexa feature

Some time ago, Somnium Space announced that it plans to work on the possibility of communicating with loved ones after their death. Amazon apparently thought it was a great idea too and is currently working on a system that will allow Alexa to imitate any voice after listening to a minute-long recording.

What is the purpose of this function?

According to Rohit Prasad, the goal is to keep the memories alive after the loss of a loved one.

While artificial intelligence cannot take away the pain of loss, it can certainly extend memory.

During the conference, he presented a demonstration video in which Alexa read to a child in the voice of his recently deceased grandmother. However, no timeline has been provided so far that indicates when this feature will be released to the public, or if it will be available.

Where did the controversy come from?

Security experts have long been concerned that audio tools that use text-to-speech technology to create synthetic voices will pave the way for new scams. Here it is worth recalling the case that occurred in the United Arab Emirates in 2020. Cybercriminals used a fake voice of a company director to trick a bank manager into stealing $35 million.

After all, fake audio crime is still relatively rare, and the tools available to scammers are still relatively primitive.

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