All Paper Theater Solutions In Genshin Impact

All Paper Theater Solutions In Genshin Impact

The Lantern Rite event story ended on a great note with the absolute success of Xinyan and Hu Tao’s song and a fanservice-filled Epilogue at the restaurant, but there are still lots of other events to grab those sweet Primogems in Genshin Impact. Amidst the simpler events, Paper Theater might be the most annoying one.

The goal is to lead the protagonist safely through the hazards until he gets his final treasures, changing the stages’ positions as you go. The last few challenges can be a hassle, but here’s how you can easily do it without having to ask for extra solutions.

How to Solve All Paper Theather Challenges in Genshin Impact

New challenges are unlocked every two days, granting their own Primogem amounts and a few points of Festive Fever. Click on the two non-locked stages to switch their places while avoiding falling down or hitting brambles.

Starting from day 2, you can ask the storyteller to remove an obstacle or two for you with the Support option if the scene is too difficult. But if you’re here, you’ll not be needing that trick.

To make things easier in this guide, a number will be assigned to each corner. Use them as a quick reference when solving the puzzles. If you swap stage 1 with 5, for example, their numbers are also swapped for the remaining moves.

Day 1 – Homecoming

Scene I: Swap 3 with 2.

Scene II: Swap 3 with 2, then swap 1 with 3 after he turns around.

Scene III: Swap 3 with 2, then swap them back after he turns around.

Day 2 – Across Mountains

Scene I: Let Huanguang change directions in 5 and immediately swap 1 and 4. With Huanguang back on 4, swap it with 3 before he falls.

Scene II: Swap 1 and 3 and let Huanguang change directions. Change them back and swap 1 and 3 a third time to let him fall to the treasure. May need to reset it once or twice to get it right.

Scene III: Swap stage 4 with 3, then let Huanguang reach stage 1. Swap 1 with 3, and then swap 5 with 1 after he falls and before he reaches the brambles.

Day 3 – Over Peaks

Scene I: Immediately swap 4 with 6, then 5 with 1. When Huanguang reaches 5, swap it with 6.

Scene II: Let Huanguang reach 5 and swap it with 6 after he glides down. While he’s at 2 (after pressing the button in 3), swap 3 with 6. After he reaches stage 3, swap 3 with 4.

Scene III: Let Huanguang reach 5 and swap it with 6 before he glides down. When he reaches 3, swap 5 and 6 again. When he steps on 5 but before reaching the gales, swap 4 with 5. Finally, after he reaches 1, swap 4 and 5 again to reach the treasure.

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