All map icons in Forspoken and what they mean

All map icons in Forspoken and what they mean

Forspoken’s world map starts a bit sparse, but it will rapidly fill with more map icons than you will know what to do with. Each icon represents a multitude of creatures, secrets, castles, and towns to explore and conquer. This guide will explain all map icons in Forspoken and what they mean.

Every map icon in Forspoken

The map in Forspoken is gigantic and features enough map icons to make Assassin’s Creed jealous. These are all the map icons, with their description below matching the number in the image.

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  1. Tanta Gate: These areas block off access to a Tanta’s region.
  2. Photo Spot: These special areas are photo locations you can use to unlock photo mode features.
  3. Pilgrims Refuge: These act as safehouses you can use to craft upgrades and rest.
  4. Monuments: Visiting these relics will grant Frey a permanent stat boost.
  5. Castle: Each region contains a massive castle home to one of the four Tantas.
  6. Mutant: These creatures are world boss variants of standard Breakbeasts roaming on Athia.
  7. Belfry Tower: Activating these towers will let you scout the area and uncover more icons on your map.
  8. Locked Labyrinth: These are unique dungeons which usually contain a new piece of equipment.
  9. Depths of Corruption: These areas require you to dive in and endure a storm of hostile enemies.
  10. Familiar Statue: These statues will let you unlock magical cats Frey can recruit.
  11. Ruined Village: Old villages that contain knowledge of the past and enemies to fight.
  12. Fount of Blessing: Leap into these fountains to earn Frey a new magic spell.
  13. Flashbacks: These are open world challenges with a variety of objectives to complete.
  14. Relic of the Tantas: Temples usually containing a tough mini-boss to fight.
  15. Bridges: Bridges let you easily traverse long gaps, but are always filled with tough enemies.
  16. Cave: Spelunk in these to find rare upgrade materials.
  17. Altars: Similar to Relics of the Tantas, you must fight a boss in these areas.
  18. Detours: These icons represent sidequests you can attempt.
  19. Frey’s Journey: This marks the next place to go for the main story quest.
  20. Trading Spot: Head to these spots to buy rare goods from vendors.
  21. Traces of Something: Head to these places to track mysterious secrets and earn Mana.

Most of these icons will appear as question marks until you see them yourself or activate a Belfry Tower. Learning them is vital when choosing which one of the many activities you wish to complete next in Forspoken’s lengthy adventure.

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