Aethon 700: the Acer keyboard that leaves you free to choose!

Acer brand announces the release of the new keyboard Aethon 700. This is a model that leaves a choice between two different sensations: linear and clicking with a simple movement of the lever!

Aethon 700: two different typing experiences, one keyboard!

If anything, what’s most interesting here is the typing experience it offers. Indeed, with a lever, we can go from a linear, smooth feel to something more tactile with an audible click. Unfortunately, we do not know the characteristics of the switches used by the brand. We just know that they have a lifetime of 60 million activations.

Otherwise, we are dealing with a keyboard with simultaneous pressing of the N-Key and full protection against ghosting. As we can see, it also has a volume control knob as well as double multimedia features.

Finally, in terms of dimensions, this model measures 450(W) x 161.5(D) x 53.5(H)mm. The weight did not stand aside either: 1455 g on the scales. Of course, all of its values ​​are given without the wrist rest… Because yes, there is a soft-coated magnetic wrist rest!

As for the price, it’s obviously going to be $269.99 if the price listed on the brand’s website is to be believed!

Here is the Acer technical sheet!

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