Windows admins are so annoyed by the move of Quick Assist to the Microsoft Store

Last month, Microsoft released a new updated Quick Assist app with a new logo (the one in the image above) as it was announced that it was moving to the Microsoft Store. . The transition was due today, which means Quick Assist is no longer available as a native app on Windows 10 and 11.

For those who don’t know, Quick Assist is Microsoft ‘s own remote assistance app. Windows administrators are clearly annoyed by the company’s latest move and openly express their dissatisfaction in the comments on the announcement. Here is a summary of these things put forward by Twitter user Matthias Waltniel, who is a Microsoft Endpoint Management Consultant:

Most of the other Windows admins have also expressed similar opinions in the announcement thread. One of them explained that it’s much more useful to have something like a Deployable Group Policy (GPO) instead:

Not only does the new version require per-user installation from the Microsoft Store , but installation requires administrator rights. Ouch! Is there a mechanism to deploy the new version to all users on all machines? Simple GPO deployment is preferred. Maybe MSI can be made available? I’m a one-man IT department managing about 70 Windows PCs and don’t have a more complex software deployment mechanism. I hope some simple solution is in the works to replace what seemed like the perfect solution, which has now been removed.

Microsoft’s Nathan Pfeiffer, who wrote the announcement article, responded to one of the comments by explaining that Quick Assist’s core functionality requires distribution through the Microsoft Store. . However, Pfeiffer assured that feedback is forwarded to Microsoft:

Understand the frustration of forcing a user to download the Store app in order to get a remote assistance app. The nature of using remote assistance is that one party is stuck and needs help, so it can be frustrating. There is some underlying functionality in the way we currently set up this setup that needed to be adjusted to bring this about. However, it depends on the time, and somewhere in the middle of May, the old version will no longer be used. Thanks for the answer! It is passed on, rest assured.

In addition to this, Kapil Thundwal, General Software Development Manager for Quick Assist, also explained that deploying Quick Assist through the Store should speed up the release of security updates.

You can watch the official announcement at this link .

Via: BleepingComputer

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