And the winner of the Microsoft FOSS Fund for May is…: GNOME

The Microsoft FOSS Foundation, or the Microsoft Free and Open Source Software Foundation, is, as stated, a Microsoft foundation dedicated to helping open source and free software projects, a kind of monthly initiative that seems to have kicked off irregularly in 2020 year, but it still exists. And last May’s “winner” is none other than GNOME.

As explained on  the project’s GitHub page , the Microsoft FOSS Fund is “a direct way for Microsoft engineers to participate in the nomination and selection process to help the communities and projects they are passionate about.” And here’s the “feature”: Microsoft gives the dough, but its employees vote for those projects that they need, which has its own merits.

Apparently, Microsoft FOSS Fund got off to a somewhat uneven start in 2020, as we say; but in 2021 he turned on the accelerator, each month of the year awarding different FOSS projects, including his own and foreign ones, such as NET nanoFramework, QEMU, Reproducible Builds, Babel or OpenStreetMap. What about 2022, I wonder? Well, and still the same, which is not enough.

This year, in which we’re already halfway there, the Microsoft FOSS Fund has rewarded open source projects like curl or systemd… and now it’s the turn of GNOME, the de facto Linux desktop environment and one of the best available today. let’s talk about Windows, Linux or Mac; although, fortunately, this is not the only thing we have.

Whatever the case, in the absence of an updated Microsoft FOSS page listing the winner’s name, the fact has already been accepted by Microsoft staff and the GNOME community itself. But… what prize? A $10,000 donation, which is not bad at all.

What saint does the Microsoft FOSS fund reward GNOME or, for that matter, various open source projects and free software? He seems to have no more motivation than what we all already know: Microsoft loves Linux… and open source. It’s not a joke! You even have Linux integrated into Windows with WSL!

Microsoft’s love for open source and Linux has grown ever since the company began capitalizing on it. From cancer to love; from filing a lawsuit to join The Linux Foundation or the Open Source Initiative; from being the number one in open source ,  being number one in GitHub contributions , to holding his hand .

That yes, that Microsoft only puts love into what it is interested in, and its deepest longing would be something that cannot be ; but one does not cancel the other. Serve this entry as an example… or rather not: consider it better the opening of the Microsoft FOSS Fund, which is not bad at all, worth repeating. Keep giving away, there are a lot of them.

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