A new leak shows that the Chromecast with Google TV may get a refresh soon

The Chromecast with Google TV is Google’s connected TV offering that comes with a remote to access popular movie and TV streaming services, and offers streaming in HD or 4K resolution. The device itself was announced in September 2020 and is currently on sale from £34.99 for the HD version and £59.99 for the 4K version.

However, reports are surfacing that there will be an upcoming refresh, with new images and videos that have been uncovered within the latest Android TV 14 beta showcasing the new remote that could be bundled with the device. The key difference is that there are four large round buttons on the left, two large round buttons and an oblong button on the right, and a new star button on the bottom right of the remote as seen in the image and post from Mishaal Rahman on X below.

Image of a remote for Google Chromecast
Image from Mishaal Rahman on

The image below showcases the existing remote that currently comes included with the Chromecast for Google TV. It clearly showcases the differences between the two, showing that the new remote has more buttons and additional functionality with the star button included on the remote.

The beta of Android TV 14, as previously found by Mishaal, does provide an answer as to what the star button can be used for. It will be a “magic button”that will allow for custom settings such as opening a particular app, or viewing and switching inputs for connected devices.

Android TV 14 beta screenshot
Image from Mishaal Rahman on

Google has already confirmed that its annual Made by Google event will be happening on the 4th of October this year, with hints of upcoming devices such as the Pixel 8, Pixel Watch 2, and Pixel Buds Pro. It did not reference a new Chromecast with Google TV in this tease, but these leaks make a device refresh seem more than likely.

Source: Mishaal Rahman on

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