A Complete Guide to Microsoft Project Keyboard Shortcuts

A Complete Guide to Microsoft Project Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Project is a powerful project management program that helps you plan and manage your projects. It provides you with the ability to create detailed timelines, assign tasks, manage resources, and share project status updates with stakeholders.

To help you make the most of this tool, Microsoft Project offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up processes and reduce mundane work. This guide lists the most useful Microsoft Project keyboard shortcuts and explains how to use them for maximum efficiency.

Microsoft Project Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some shortcuts that you may need frequently to use in Microsoft Project:

1. Open a Project File

Ctrl + O: It is important to keep track of all projects that are being worked.

2. Save a Project File

Ctrl + S: It is essential to save all changes made to a project often as it helps to keep track of and prevent data loss.

3. Create a Task

Ctrl + T: This will open up a new task window and allow you to enter the necessary information for their project.

4. Close the Program Window

Alt + F4: This will instantly close the Microsoft Project window and end the current session.

5. Open a New Window

Shift + F11: This will open up a blank window that can be used for any tasks or projects that need to be created.

6. Activate the Project Control Menu

Alt + Spacebar: This will open up the project control menu, which can be used to manage the various aspects of a project.

7. Show Task Information

Shift + F2: This will open up a window with detailed information about any selected tasks.

9. Turn On or off Auto Calculate

Ctrl + F: This will enable or disable the auto-calculate feature, which automatically updates any changes made to a project.

10. Clear or Reset the Selected Field

Ctrl + Del: This will clear any data that is currently entered in the selected field and reset it to its default value.

11. Copy the Selected Data

Ctrl + C: This will automatically copy the data that is currently selected and allow it to be pasted into any other location.

12. Cut the Selected Data

Ctrl + X: This will remove the data from its current location.

13. Set the Task to Auto Schedule

Ctrl + Shift + Alt: This will enable the auto-schedule feature for any selected tasks, which automatically updates the schedule based on any changes that are made.

14. Set the Task To Manually Schedule

Ctrl + Alt + M: This will enable the manual schedule feature for any selected tasks, which requires users to manually update the schedule.

If you like using your keyboard to get around your productivity suite, check out what KeyTips in Microsoft Office are and what they do.

Overview of All the Microsoft Project Shortcuts

Here is a quick cheat sheet of all the essential shortcuts for Microsoft Project:

Get the Most Out of Microsoft Project

Here you will find a comprehensive overview of the most common Project keyboard shortcuts to help you get more done. These shortcuts can help you save time while using Microsoft Project and focus on the relevant tasks at hand.

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