5 best wrestling video games on mobiles

5 best wrestling video games on mobiles

Wrestling video games have been around since the arcade era. With the rise of mobile gaming, players can experience exciting fights and in-game action at their fingertips. There are various types of wrestling games, such as RPG, story-based, casual, and more. Some titles feature real-world superstars and legendary wrestlers, while others offer fictional fighters.

Wrestling video games feature various game modes, such as single-player, online PvP, and multiplayer. Their realistic graphics, actions, immersive gameplay, and strategic battles create a fun gaming experience.

There are plenty of games to choose from in both app stores. However, only some of them can replicate the excitement of real-life matches. This article notes some of the best wrestling games to play on mobile.


WWE Mayhem, Rowdy Wrestling, and three other splendid wrestling video games for mobile

1) WWE Mayhem

Developed by Reliance Games, this wrestling title features WWE Superstars and Legends. The game boasts legendary wrestlers, including John Cena, The Rock, Ronda Rousey, Undertaker, and more.

Players can collect, level up, and manage them to fight in WWE RAW, NXT, and other Live challenges. Additionally, the characters belong to one of these classes: Brawler, High-Flyer, Powerhouse, Technician, Wildcard, and Showman.

Each character has special skills and signature moves. One can enjoy the game’s action in various events with global players in Tag-team matches. Additionally, WWE Mayhem allows players to fight against their friends in Versus Mode. This mobile game requires an OS version of iOS 11.0 or later and Android 5.0 and above.

2) Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D is a free-to-play wrestling video game developed by MDickie. The title has over 100 million downloads with a rating of 4.1 in the Play Store. It features over 300 characters for players to pick and fight. Furthermore, they can enjoy both career modes: Wrestling and Booking.

Players can begin their career as one of the characters and fight in the ring in Wrestling career mode. They start in Wrestling School and progress to major promotions. Wrestling Revolution 3D allows players to hire wrestlers and manage matches in Booking career mode.

This mobile title can also be played with a controller on Android devices. Notably, it runs smoothly on Android 4.0 and above and iOS 10.0 or later.

3) Wrestling Empire

Released in 2021, Wrestling Empire is another memorable wrestling video game developed by MDickie. Boasting over a million downloads with a high rating of 4.4 stars in the Play Store, it features over 350 wrestlers who belong to one of ten promotions, including a new one, Super Lucha Libre. The title also includes both wrestling career mode and booking mode.

Wrestling Empire allows players to do their in-game interviews with their characters. Like other wrestling video games from MDickie, one can start their fighting career at the Wrestling School. However, one must grind in this mode to unlock other wrestlers. This free-to-play mobile game requires an OS version of Android 7.0 and above and iOS 11.0 or later.

4) Rowdy Wrestling

Rowdy Wrestling is a mobile fighting game featuring pixel art style. It is a brawler title with four basic movements, Left, Right, Attack, and Jump. Players can unlock over 50 characters, fighting them in various game modes. They can enjoy endless survival mode, seasons, and rumble mode. It is a simple and casual wrestling video game created by Colin Lane Games with ludicrous physics.

Rowdy Wrestling offers in-game currency gold for unlocking powerful wrestlers. Players can earn it by completing various challenges with varying levels of difficulty. They can perform dropkicks, overhand smashes and use steel chairs or other weapons to attack opponents. This single-player mobile title requires Android 4.4 and above and iOS 9 or later.

5) The Muscle Hustle

The Muscle Hustle is a wrestling video game developed by Dandino Studios. It features numerous wrestlers with unique skills and abilities. The title offers various modes, such as single-player campaigns, real-time online PvP, and league competitions.

Players collect the heroes before training, upgrading, and evolving them to become more powerful. Additionally, one can forge their career, starting from rookie to legend.

The Muscle Hustle is a mobile RPG game with a slingshot-based battle system. One can wreak havoc in the matches just by pulling back, aiming, and releasing their fighters. Players can complete unique challenges in hundreds of levels or battle online in PvP matches. This free-to-play mobile game requires Android 5.1 and above and iOS 11.0 or later.

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