5 best weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

5 best weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty pits players against aggressive enemies and challenging boss battles. They must therefore choose a weapon that suits their preferred playstyle and aids them in defeating their foes. The game offers a great variety of weapons ranging from Staffs and Swords to long-reaching Spears and Glaives.

Dual Sabres, Glaive, Halberd, Straight Sabre, and Sword are some of the best weapons in the game that both beginners and veterans of soulslike games will enjoy wielding. In addition, each weapon in the game is randomly assigned a set of special attacks called Martial Arts.

Dual Sabres, Glaive, and 3 other great weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty comprises a wide variety of weapons with myriad movesets and special attacks called Martial Arts. This creates a steep learning curve for players, and it is ideal for experimenting with some of the best weapons and stick to one that enhances a particular build and feels great to handle.

The following are some of the best weapons players can try out:

1) Dual Sabres

Dual Sabres are ideal for those who wish to play the game aggressively and land quick attacks on their foes. They are effective in building up combos and help you quickly accumulate Spirit level. Dual Sabres excel in close-range encounters and are highly maneuverable, allowing for swift and effortless strikes.

They are oriented towards the Water Virtue in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, so those planning to use this weapon must resort to the Water spells like Frost Lance, Alacrity Haste, Ice Weapon, Obscuring Frost, Unseeable Form, and Aqua Blink. This comprehensive Dual Sabres guide covers the Martial arts, movesets, and best build recommendations.

2) Glaive

Glaive allows you to deliver focused long-to-mid-range blows on enemies, making it an effective crowd-control weapon. Those who prefer to keep a safe distance from enemies while dealing significant damage will appreciate the Glaive’s movesets, which include wide-range swings.

The Earth Virtue complements the Glaive better, and by improving this Virtue, you will get a boost in the equipment load that you can carry along with the ability to wear heavy armor sets that boost your defense stats in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

3) Halberd

Halberd is yet another long-range weapon that is ideal for beginners who wish to dispatch their foes from a distance while dealing tons of damage. Muck like the Glaive, Halberd also features long to mid-range swipes that hit surrounding enemies. However, this move has a long animation time.

Despite its slow and methodical moveset, the Sky Piercing Halberd can be used aggressively by investing in Fire Virtue and using Fire spells like Flame Weapon, Amplify Damage, and Blasting Flare. For the Bronze Halberd and Cavalry Halberd, it is ideal to use Water spells.

4) Straight Sabre

Straight Sabre is a balanced weapon that has fast strikes and is effective when deflecting enemy attacks. It is less complicated than most weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, allowing you to get used to it pretty quickly and master its movesets.

You must resort to scaling up the Wood Virtue if you plan to stick with Straight Sabre. Wood Virtue enhances player health (HP), thereby enabling you to take risks and engage in close-range combat using Straight Sabre. Absorb Vitality and Lightning Bolt are the two Wood spells you can use to leverage this build.

5) Sword

Beginners can opt for a Sword to get accustomed to combat in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. It is a versatile weapon that is effective in mid-to-close range engagements and has a faster swing speed compared to other weapons. This allows players to strike a balance between defensive and aggressive strategies during combat.

Swords complement both Wood and Fire Virtues, so one can invest in both and use spells from either category. You can cast Fire spells like Fire Bolt, coupling them with Amplify Damage skill that boosts the damage of the spells.

In the Wood phase, you can always rely on Absorb Vitality spell that enables you and your allies to recover a certain amount of HP upon damaging any foe in the battle.

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