5 best Entities in Roblox Doors 

Roblox Doors drew inspiration from Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion, a F2P game on Steam. Doors became an instant hit and amassed a whopping 3.4 billion visits on the metaverse due to its survival-horror gameplay infused with puzzle-solving mechanisms.

Players are tasked with escaping an array of rooms in a hotel filled with Entities and puzzles (monster-like creatures) to triumph. The puzzles in the mysterious rooms range from brain teasers to memory challenges. Additionally, the Entities are of different forms and have contrasting attack types.

Individuals can also equip and use in-game accessories to overcome these monsters and other obstacles. Interested readers can learn about the best Entities in Roblox Doors.

Roblox Doors: Best Entities players should know about

1) Seek

Seek is, undoubtedly, one of the deadliest Entities in Roblox Doors. This statement is supported by the fact that players can die instantly if they get jump-scared or caught by this monster.

Seek resembles a mold of black slime with a human body and a single eye, giving him the appearance of an SCP beast. Players can use the Crucifix (in-game item) to stop Seek’s advances and stun him. However, once the Crucifix turns red, run away from the monster as soon as possible.

Significant features:

  • Can chase players through obstacles (players must solve the puzzles or get over the barriers hastily to escape the room)
  • Does 45 damage via fire damage from fallen chandeliers
  • The monster will scream once it is near the players

2) Figure

Figure is the main nemesis in Roblox Doors, who hunts down players using footsteps and vibrations. Furthermore, when individuals notice this Entity, they must resist moving to reduce their heartbeat sounds, allowing them to dodge him occasionally.

Players must avoid contacting Figure in any way possible to prevent instant death. This Entity has a brick red-themed humanoid body with a circular jaw filled with razor-sharp teeth as its face.

Significant features:

  • Players will instantly lose their lives even if they bump into Figure accidentally
  • They can use Crucifix, Vitamins, Holy Hand Grenade, and Flashlight to counter
  • Keep your distance from this Entity to survive

3) El Goblino

El Goblino is the best Miscellaneous servile Entity in Roblox Doors. He speaks an amalgam of English and Spanish. Players can find him chilling in Jeff’s Shop on the hotel’s first level. Furthermore, they can interact with him to gain information.

He looks like a red-skinned goblin with a long nose, big eyes, and two small ears. Additionally, players can see a golden earring on his left ear, and two spiked wristbands on his arms.

Significant features:

  • He is one of the three Entities to have dedicated voice lines
  • El Goblino will give hints about other Entities the players might face
  • Players can hang out with him if they want to chill for a while

4) Rush

Rush is a dangerous Entity in Roblox Doors, as he can instantly one-shot kill players in his range. One can predict Rush’s entry if the lights in the room start flickering. However, this Entity can’t spawn in pitch-dark rooms but can jump-scare players in the next room if they notice blinking lights.

After the Hotel+ patch update, players can subdue Rush using the Crucifix. This Entity portrays a pixelated form of a dark face with a broad smile filled with white teeth.

Significant features:

  • Players will encounter this Entity often after some in-game progression
  • Rush is a vital Entity in The Greenhouse area (rooms from 90-99)
  • Known to hunt down victims by charging through rooms

5) Ambush

Ambush is one the finest Entities in this meta of Roblox Doors. Players in range of this Entity’s hitbox will immediately die. Additionally, Ambush can speed charge through multiple rooms, making him quite dangerous.

Ambush looks like a ghost with a big pale face, dark hallow eyes, and a mouth filled with teeth on the sides. Ambush gives out a high-pitched distorted sound before charging into rooms. Players can take this as a warning and evade the charge.

Significant features:

  • If you hide under a bed, Ambush will easily find your location
  • Ambush will eliminate players who are caught in its line of sight
  • Rebounds in the rooms

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