20 best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One

As one of the most popular sandbox games, Minecraft enjoys the support of a large and strong community. From PC to mobile, its random block worlds are generated on every gaming device. Well, console players are no exception. With these in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One.

These seeds present you with the best locations, spawn locations, and resources you can expect from the world of Minecraft. You can expect them to work the same on both consoles and even the latest PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles without any glitches. With that said, let’s take a look at the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One.

Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 & Xbox One (November 2021)

As previously mentioned, all seeds listed in this article are cross-compatible. You can use them on Minecraft for Xbox One or PS4 without any problem. The only condition is that you must use the seed in compatible versions of the game. We have personally tested all seeds in the game on Minecraft version 1.17.1 , so you can expect them to work just fine on version 1.15.1 and up. Along with the screenshots, you will also find the coordinates of the key locations for each of the seeds.

1. An endless gorge malfunctioning

Let’s start our list with one of the most interesting Minecraft seeds of all time. Our spawn site is nice here, with a huge forest and a large village available at the spawn point. But you have to travel several hundred blocks to witness the impossible. Once you reach the coordinates indicated, you will find an endless looking lava gorge with boulders .

Unlike the standard random Minecraft world, it has a repeating pattern of broken blocks up to a point. If you enter creative mode, you can continue to follow the lava around the Minecraft world to discover that it never ends. The ravine turns into underwater ravines, but the glitch continues. However, this is not all. On either side of our crash in the gorge, there are endless amethyst geodes that keep repeating as well. You can also keep looking for more endless ravines as the lava-filled one isn’t the only one.

  • Seed code:  1669320484
  • Biomes: Plains and Forest
  • Village coordinates:  X: 120, Y: 65, Z: 184.
  • Coordinates of the downed ravine:  X: -932, Y: 96, Z: -325

2. The largest destroyed portal at the spawn point.

Finding a destroyed portal near a respawn is always a bonus in Minecraft. Aside from providing free loot, this also gives us the perfect place to create a lower portal. This seed of Minecraft for PS4 and Xbox takes this idea too seriously. We appear near the destroyed portal, but it is one of a kind .

As you can see in the screenshot above, this portal almost looks like it was custom built and is 10 blocks high . Now, if you manage to find a diamond pickaxe, this is all you need to find the obsidian for the lower portal. There are several enchanted items in his chest, as well as pieces of melon. Portal aside, there is a jungle temple near our spawn area where you can find chests and other resources.

  • Seed code: -714082416
  • Biomes: Mountains, Jungle and Swamp
  • Coordinates of the destroyed portal: X: 8, Y: 73, Z: 56
  • Jungle Temple Coordinates: X: 200, Y: 72, Z: 88

3. Best Minecraft seed for base building for PS4 and Xbox.

The following seed strikes a balance between exploring and mastering Minecraft. You will appear in a large coastal village that has a gunsmith, cartographer and farmers. The village is a great starting point for beginners to explore Minecraft, as you can collect tons of resources right away. The village is set in a huge open space, making this space one of the best Minecraft base buildings on your console.

Moreover, once you’re ready to explore, a swamp biome will spawn nearby with a destroyed portal and a witch’s hut next to it. Plus, you can discover mountains, deserts and more spread across 1,000 blocks.

  • Seed code: 911260246
  • Biomes: Plains, Swamps and Mountains.
  • Coordinates of the Witch’s Hut: X: 184, Y: 73, Z: 232
  • Coordinates of the destroyed portal: X: 248, Y: 73, Z: 56

4. The shipwrecked village.

Arguably the strangest and most unique world on our list of the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One. The spawn point of this seed is normal. But things start to take a strange turn as you drive a few blocks towards the nearest village. Most of this village spawns on the beach instead of the taiga biome Minecraft to which it belongs. And, as you’d expect, it merges with the world’s generation of beaches, including the wrecked home.

This is more than a glitch, it looks like a blessing because you will receive 2 chests after exploring the shipwreck site. One from the shipwreck, along with a buried treasure map, and the other from the armourer’s house with anion armor. Even the rest of the village is not regular as houses are being built on different levels. There are several more farms at the edge of the entrance to the small ravine. Overall, you should definitely try this seed on your console.

  • Seed code: -1981773043
  • Biomes: beach and taiga
  • Shipwreck village coordinates: X: 1030, Y: 74, Z: 180

5. A village with 8 blacksmiths.

Blacksmiths in Minecraft are the most popular type of villagers. Finding a village with one blacksmith is considered lucky, and well, you are most fortunate, as this seed gives us 8. We spawn on the edge of taiga and forest biomes near the river. Then, if we get to the village, it has everything a player needs to start their Minecraft adventure.

The best part is that this is the closest village to our spawn site that we need to visit, so we don’t even need to travel far to discover it. Once you are done with this village, you can explore two more near the spawn point. But I highly doubt you will need to scour another village after this one. Behind it, there is also a lava gorge that extends to the bedrock level, making it easier to find diamonds.

  • Seed code: 770405633
  • Biomes: Taiga and forest
  • Blacksmith village coordinates : X: 248, Y: 64, Z: 88
  • The coordinates of the second village are X: 136, Y: 65, Z: -296.
  • Coordinates of the third village: X: -280, Y: 72, Z: -312.

6. The fortress in the igloo basement

This seed stands out among even the rarest Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One. We spawn in the snowy tundra next to the forest. In the same biome, there is a snow-covered village with an igloo in it. If you’ve explored snowy biomes enough, you can find several with built-in basements.

This igloo also gives us a basement, but then this basement is connected to the citadel. There is only one common wall between them that you need to break down in order to access it. As you continue exploring the biome, there will be more villages around the location to help you gather more resources for your Minecraft adventure.

  • Seed code: 331476055
  • Biomes: snowy tundra, taiga and forest.
  • Igloo coordinates: X: 579, Y: 68, Z: -339.

7. Outpost of robbers in Lava Gorge

It is impossible to believe in a generation of peace in this seed of Minecraft until you see it for yourself. What it offers is one of the strangest robber outpost spawn spots. Built atop a lava ravine, this is probably the tallest outpost you can find in the game.

If you are careful not to fall, you can push the mobs into the lava to take the outpost with ease. There is even an iron golem nearby that you can free to help you. After looting the outpost, you can carefully search the ravine to obtain diamond ore. Just keep in mind that a bucket of water can come in handy here.

  • Seed code: -322003417
  • Biomes: Dark Forest and Mountains
  • Coordinates outpost robbers the X: -710, the Y: 90, Z: 390

8. Seed Minecraft “Religious Village” for PS4 and Xbox One

In this Minecraft seed for PS4 and Xbox One, we appear next to a medium-sized village that has 5 churches. They each have their own priest and brewery that you can use to make potions. But that is not all. You can even find two blacksmiths and several farmers in the village. Since there is only one iron golem here, we cannot count them as two neighboring villages. Instead, we are healed by a rather rare spawn village.

When you’re done exploring the village, you can go outside the village and discover a circular crater. If you’re not using our guide to creating circles and spheres in Minecraft, this is all you can do in the game. Also, this crater is located near the entrance to a cave with exposed iron and coal ores . So don’t forget to check it out too.

  • Seed code: 413395378
  • Biomes: Plains and Forests
  • Village coordinates: X: 3510, Y: 70, Z: 68.
  • Circular coordinates of the crater: X: 3559, Y: 62, Z: -61.

9. Temple in the desert over the citadel gorge

This is one of the coolest Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One and you should definitely try it out. The most interesting part of this seed is that it has the tallest temple in the desert , located at the top of a ravine. Its height reaches the bottom of the ravine, reaching the level of the bedrock.

Moreover, there is an open stronghold in that gorge. You can break down its walls to find the library and the rest of the citadel. But that is not all. Just a few blocks above this citadel is the entrance to the mine, traces of which are visible throughout the gorge. For players who do not want to enter these dangerous places directly, there is also a large desert village nearby. There is no blacksmith here, but you can find food and several other resources here.

  • Seed code: 770894136
  • Biomes: Plains and Beach
  • Desert Temple coordinates: X: 1121, Y: 65, Z: 551.
  • Opening to the coordinates of the mine : X: 1103, Y: 42, Z: 544
  • Open citadel in the gorge. Coordinates: X: 1107, Y: 38, Z: 544.
  • The coordinates of the desert village are X: 1021, Y: 71, Z: 540.

10. Bastion merged with the fortress of the Lower World.

If you thought we weren’t going to take that factor into account when choosing the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One, you were wrong. We spawn near a giant savannah village in this seed. It includes a gunsmith and a ravine of exposed iron ore. You can find most of the required resources and tools in this village. Then, later in the game, it’s time to return to this village and make a portal to the Nether.

This portal will take you to one of the best respawn spots in the Nether. Just a few blocks away, there is a bastion that has turned into a lower fortress. It will also have open chests that you can easily loot to get some interesting in-game items. To top it off, there is a blazer maker next to it. If you manage to find a stronghold soon, this seed might be perfect for speeding up the game.

  • Seed code: -296825582
  • Biomes: Savannah, Desert and Plains.
  • Desert village coordinates: X: 941, Y: 67, Z: -9.
  • Underworld Bastion coordinates: X: 42, Y: 58, Z: 14
  • Flame source coordinates : X: 40, Y: 60, Z: -107

11. Shipwreck and ruins on revival

If you check out our list of the best Minecraft Island seeds, most of them have similar features to this seed, which we recommend PS4 and Xbox One players check out. We spawn on a small island that has some of the best loot to start with.

There is a shipwreck near a group of cold ruins on the edge of this island . You don’t even need to dive to explore most of its amazing sites. You can then also find a buried treasure map that leads to treasures on the same island. Once you’re done here, you can build a boat in Minecraft and travel to the nearest forest island to continue your adventure.

  • Seed code: 1911127900
  • Biomes: Beach, Ocean and Forest
  • Shipwreck coordinates: X: 216, Y: 68, Z: 8.
  • Coordinates of the Cold Ruins Cluster: X: 232, Y: 68, Z: 24

12. Discovered citadel in the village

Not too far from your spawn, this Minecraft seed has a village with an open citadel library. The only thing that separates this library from the village is the monoblock multi-layer walls. But before you head to the citadel, there is an iron golem and even a gunsmith in the village that you must hire to help you on this journey.

The village itself is quite large, so you can easily get a lot of food and other resources. There are other interesting biomes nearby, including badlands and varied forests. You can research them to get a variety of resources.

  • Seed code: 12023120
  • Biomes: Badlands, Forests and Plains.
  • Village coordinates : X: 943, Y: 68, Z: 121.

13. Temple in the desert over the Fortress

The next seed spawns us in a large jungle biome. But do not be distracted by its massiveness. To get to the desired location, we need to walk several blocks to find a large village in the desert. There are many villagers here that can bring you a lot of resources. Then next to the village there is a temple in the desert. If you dig under it, you can reach the citadel, which also expands under the village. TNT, located under the temple, will help you easily reach the citadel. There is also a huge ravine nearby that you can use for resources, making it a resource intensive Minecraft seed.

  • Seed code: 900500246
  • Biomes: Jungle and Desert
  • Village coordinates : X: 632, Y: 68, Z: 104.
  • Desert Temple coordinates: X: 632, Y: 68, Z: 56.

14. Open underwater fortress + 3 blacksmiths

This seed of Minecraft for PS4 and Xbox One spawns us on a small island with a village that has 3 blacksmiths. The village is perfect to get resources and help you get started on your in-game journey. Once you’re ready, you can go underwater to find an undefended citadel right next to this island.

The blacksmith village and open citadel are very rare in their own right. But this seed takes him to another level. Next to our revival, there is another island, on which there is a village with a destroyed portal triggered . The portal eats up most of the peasant’s house, leaving it scattered about. And well, it looks amazing.

  • Seed code: 542630838
  • Biomes: Beach and Plains
  • A village with a triggered destroyed portal. Coordinates: X: 1397, Y: 68, Z: -204.

15. Open portal at the spawn point

Open strongholds are always fun to discover. But finding one that has a surface-level final portal is nearly impossible. This seed not only offers this, but makes it available right at the spawn point. We spawn in the jungle near a flat biome that has a village.

This village is completely built on a fortress. You can see several places where you can enter the open citadel by breaking its wall. One such location is the End Portal, separated from the surface by just a few blocks. He also has two End Eyes that await you. It would be nearly impossible to come across such a Minecraft seed again, so be sure to download it to your PS4 or Xbox console.

  • Seed code: -612235732
  • Biomes: jungle, beach and plains
  • Village coordinates: X: 960, Y: 77, Z: -210.

16. Minecraft Seed with Variety of Villages

The next seed on our list of the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One is pretty colorful. We spawn near a huge snowy biome with a village at the edge of the jungle biome. It is a fairly large village that even has a blacksmith. But this is not the only village that we plunder in this world in order to accumulate resources.

Once you’re done with the first village, it’s time for you to move to the neighboring desert village and then to the taiga village. Both of them are also big villages. Deserted is located on the border of three biomes, which makes it a very colorful place to build a base.

  • Seed code: uzavcle
  • Biomes: Jungle and Snowy Mountains
  • Desert village coordinates: X: 200, Y: 72, Z: 125.
  • Координаты деревни Саванна : X: -230, Y: 68, Z: -322.

17. Лучшее порождение Пустоты в Minecraft для PS4 и Xbox One

Когда мы появляемся, поблизости есть деревня в саванне. В нем проживает множество жителей, в том числе и кузнец. Но это не то место, где мы хотим оставаться. Вместо этого в нескольких сотнях кварталов от места возрождения находится разрушенный портал. Если вы построите портал Ender, используя это, он приведет вас к одному из лучших спавнов Пустоты в Minecraft. Как только вы войдете в этот портал, вы появитесь на вершине нижнего бастиона. Это полноразмерный бастион, расположенный рядом с большой подземной крепостью. Таким образом, вы можете найти почти все лучшее, что может предложить Нижний мир, прямо там, где вы спавнитесь.

  • Код семян: -406193085
  • Биомы: саванна, равнины и пустыня.
  • Координаты разрушенного портала: X: 1477, Y: 69, Z: 244
  • Координаты саванны: X: 1368, Y: 72, Z: 104.

18. Плавающий храм джунглей Minecraft Seed для PS4 и Xbox One

На данный момент мы в некоторой степени знакомы с редкими и находчивыми семенами. Но есть некоторые семена, настолько случайные и уникальные, что их существование кажется почти неправильным. Это семя — прекрасный тому пример. Мы появляемся в действительно спокойном и нормальном месте. Но если мы переместимся в определенное место недалеко от нашего спауна, мы обнаружим невозможное.

Есть парящий храм в джунглях, под которым ни один из блоков не касается земли. Его верхняя часть сталкивается с протяженным холмом, а с другой стороны есть дерево. Добыча в храме впечатляет, но случайность его высоты появления невероятна.

  • Код семян: -2075578213
  • Биомы: Джунгли
  • Плавающий храм в джунглях: X: -385, Y: 77, Z: 750

19. Храм в пустыне с открытой темницей скелетов.

Из-за ловушек TNT и нереста мобов храмы в пустыне — не самое безопасное место для небрежного изучения. Но если вы пробуете это семя, вам придется быть очень осторожным. Внутри этого пустынного храма находится подземелье скелетов на втором этаже. Как и следовало ожидать, он появляется с создателем скелетов. Но если вы хотите подготовиться перед тем, как войти в этот храм, поблизости есть деревня в пустыне, которая может предоставить вам необходимые ресурсы. Если вам нужна дополнительная помощь, вы можете продолжить исследование местности, так как в пределах 1000 кварталов от храма есть еще две деревни.

  • Код семян: -1819585431
  • Биомы: пустыня и равнины
  • Координаты Храма в пустыне: X: 73, Y: 77, Z: 282

20. Конец портала рядом с разрушенным порталом

В качестве последней записи в нашем списке лучших сидов Minecraft для PS4 и Xbox One у нас есть кое-что особенное. И конец, и нижний — важные измерения в игре, чтобы закончить Minecraft. Это семя предоставляет нам доступ к ним обоим в одном и том же месте. У конечного портала есть два глаза Края, и разрушенный портал потребует некоторой работы, прежде чем вы сможете его использовать.

Но как только вы начнете работать, вы сможете сократить свое путешествие в Minecraft с помощью правильного планирования. Единственный недостаток этого уникального семени в том, что вам придется пройти большое расстояние, прежде чем вы попадете в это удивительное место с ошибками.

  • Код семян: 1087404325
  • Биомы: равнины
  • Координаты: X: 2220, Y: 34, Z: 876.

Попробуйте эти лучшие семена Minecraft для PS4 и Xbox One

Возьмите свой контроллер и приготовьтесь. Эти семена создадут для всех вас долгие и интересные игровые сессии. Но если вы хотите выйти за рамки обычных семян, вы даже можете установить Forge в Minecraft, чтобы запускать одни из лучших модов Minecraft на своем ПК. Однако помните, что на данный момент моды ограничены Minecraft Java Edition.

Для игроков на консолях установка некоторых из лучших приложений для PS4 может стать веселым приключением. Возвращаясь к обсуждаемой теме, если есть еще одно интересное семя, которое, по вашему мнению, должно быть в списке, не забудьте поделиться им с нашими читателями в разделе комментариев. Не забывайте, что даже изучение этих лучших семян Minecraft займет некоторое время. Итак, загрузите свою игру и приступайте к игре!