12 Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds for Java and Bedrock Edition

If you don’t like speedrunning with the best seeds in Minecraft Village, or building a base with the best seeds in the city, adventure may be your best bet. And there is nothing more adventurous in Minecraft than raiding a forest mansion . Filled with dangerous mobs, hidden traps and amazing loot, these mansions are every Minecraft player’s dream for survival.

Depending on your skills and resources, mansions in Minecraft can be either a death trap or your best respawn spot. Perfect for a skill test, let’s take a look at this selection of the best Minecraft mansion seeds in 2021. From a handful of revival mansions to glitchy mansions and quirky locations, we’ve included everything on this list. Don’t forget that we cover the best seeds for both Minecraft Java and Bedrock versions. With that said, let’s get started.

Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds (2021)

For your convenience, we have divided the seeds into two separate sections. Java and Bedrock players can find seeds for their versions of the game using the table below. All seeds have been tested in Minecraft version 1.17.1 , so expect them to work flawlessly in versions 1.14.1 and up. We’ve also mentioned the coordinates of key locations to help you find them, even if they’re not close to your spawn location. This list is not ranked, so feel free to download the Minecraft Mansion seed that interests you the most.

Best Mansion Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition

The following seeds can be used in Minecraft Java Edition, which is exclusive to PC gamers for now. You cannot use them on other platforms and expect the same results. However, to expand your options, you can install the Minecraft Java version on an ARM-based Chromebook using the linked tutorial.

1. Revival under the forest mansion.

Our first entry on this list of the best Minecraft mansion seeds focuses on the mistaken spawn location. Here you spawn inside the main walls of the forest mansion. This means that you are surrounded on all sides by cobblestone blocks without any tools.

This may be frustrating for some players, but if you excavate 17 blocks of cobblestone, the reward is a mansion ready to loot. You can use wood in the construction of the mansion along with cobblestone to make tools for yourself. But remember to listen to the noise of the crowd before making a hole in the mansion. If you’re not comfortable walking straight into the mansion, we’ve also included the coordinates of the safest exit point. But keep in mind that you will still have to smash cobblestones to get there.

  • Seed code: 10931311583393626
  • Biomes: Dark Forest and Plains
  • Safe exit coordinates: X: 33, Y: 68, Z: 59.
  • Coordinates of the nearest village : X: 129, Y: 70, Z: 162
  • The coordinates of the entry point to the mansion are X: 26, Y: 89, Z: 57.

2. Two forest mansions near the village

What better way than finding one mansion when spawning is obviously finding two mansions near the village right where you spawn in Minecraft. If the render distance is large enough, you can see both mansions at the same time. One of them is right next to a flat village, which is a good start. Another mansion is located between the ruined portal and the witch’s hut.

With such large locations around mansions, fighting mobs in this Minecraft seed will be comparatively easier. Don’t forget that you have several ravines and caves around both mansions where you can collect important ore.

  • Seed code: -8993723640229201049
  • Biomes: dark forest, plains and swamps.
  • The coordinates of the mansion are X: 143, Y: 63, Z: 223.
  • Coordinates of the Witch’s Hut: X: 57, Y: 65, Z: 67
  • Coordinates of the destroyed portal: X: 161, Y: 64, Z: 372
  • Village coordinates : X: -195, Y: 63, Z: 242
  • The coordinates of the mansion near the village are X: -338, Y: 67, Z: 225.

3. Forest mansion next to the robber outpost.

This is the best Minecraft mansion seed you must try if you are looking for a dangerous adventure . In this world, you appear in a small village that offers enough resources to help you start your journey. He also has a gunsmith, so you can easily get Iron Armor from his chest when you respawn.

Near the village is a dark forest, which also houses a forest mansion. Keep in mind that you will need to look for a ravine and several caves as you search for a path to it. Then, when you get to the mansion, you should follow it to find a robber outpost. It appears next to the mansion, and the use of similar blocks in its structure makes it fit very well into the landscape.

Such a global generation is nearly impossible to recreate, and we were amazed when we first tested it. But be careful because both of these structures are infested with hostile mobs.

  • Seed code:  887486024745579716
  • Biomes: Plains and Dark Forest
  • Woodland mansion coordinates X: 92, Y: 79, Z: 96.
  • Pillager Outpost coordinates : X: 4, Y: 72, Z: 93
  • Nearest coordinates of the destroyed portal: X: 50, Y: 72, Z: 385 

4. Village in the Woodland mansion.

As you may have noticed, villages and mansions usually have a spawn location close by. But this seed takes their connection to the next level. Near the spawn site, we have a village that merged with the forest mansion. Yes, you read that right!

The mobs in the mansion are still attacking the villagers, making it a rather chaotic Minecraft seed to spawn. Some houses share walls with the mansion, and some are built right inside the mansion. The rest of the village is also deranged, some parts are on a hill and others are located in the nearby forest. All in all, this constitutes a seed that you may never see anywhere else.

  • Seed code:  -742316170606032774
  • Biomes: taiga, dark forest and plains.
  • Village coordinates :  X: 186, Y: 71, Z: -275.
  • The coordinates of the entrance to the mansion:  X: 205, Y: 64, Z: -351.

5. Underground forest mansion

You must taste this seed to believe that it exists. But we do not recommend using this seed in survival mode due to the distance of the mansion from the spawn point. Before us is a forest mansion with most of the structure, including an underground entrance .

Mobs still spawn in the same way as in the normal mansion, but you can also notice that there is a generation of caves in it. If you try to explore the mansion in survival mode, there is a desert village nearby that can help you with resources. But keep in mind that it can take weeks if not months to reach it if you don’t use cheats.

  • Seed code: -4967193972677765742
  • Biomes: Plains, Desert and Dark Forest.
  • Woodland mansion coordinates: X: -71071, Y: 70, Z: -62091.
  • Desert village coordinates: X: -70970, Y: 71, Z: -61937.

6. Temple in the jungle on the roof of the Woodland mansion.

The next seed is one of the best seeds of the Minecraft mansion in terms of unique resources . We appear in a huge biome in the jungle, and next to it is a forest mansion. On one side of the mansion is a ruined portal covered in leaves and vines. Meanwhile, at the top of the mansion is the Jungle Temple, which turns into the mansion.
There are still loot and traps in the temple, and you can explore like any other regular temple. If you try to find a temple inside the mansion, it is on the very top floor, right above the small reading room. There is no temple entrance inside the mansion, so you don’t have to worry about fighting mobs.

  • Seed code: 1067071636714001342
  • Biomes: Jungle
  • Coordinates of the destroyed portal: X: 151, Y: 69, Z: 177
  • The coordinates of the jungle temple are X: 85, Y: 84, Z: 196.
  • The coordinates of the entrance to the forest mansion: X: 14, Y: 64, Z: 209.

Best Mansion Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The next entries on our list of the best Minecraft mansion seeds will be dedicated to the Bedrock edition. You can use these seeds in all versions of Minecraft Bedrock, including PC, consoles, and even Minecraft PE. The generation of mobs and the general biome may differ slightly on each device, but the details and spawn locations will remain close to our description.

7. Large villages near the Woodland mansion.

Getting into any mansion in the forest carries certain risks. This is why most Minecraft players avoid exploring it before getting the resources they need. Fortunately, this seed brings us all the resources near our spawn to prepare us for this adventure. We not only have a mansion, but two large lowland villages near our spawn point.

In addition, a bridge connects the forest mansion and the village across the river. You can explore nearby caves to find iron ore, while the village has wood and food . If done correctly, you may be ready to take over the mansion in no time.

  • Seed code:  1390448415
  • Biomes: Dark Forest and Plains
  • Village coordinates :  X: 232, Y: 65, Z: 120.
  • Coordinates of the second village:  X: 456, Y: 64, Z: 168
  • Woodland mansion coordinates :X: 248, Y: 66, Z: 264.

8. Marine mansion

This seed gives birth to you on a small island in the middle of the ocean. Luckily, there are cold ruins nearby where you can mine resources. But that’s not the purpose of this seed of the Minecraft mansion.
If you drive a few hundred blocks from the spawn site, you will find a mansion next to the ocean on an island . Usually, mansions are built on a large plot of land that does not belong to the island, and for several dozen blocks around it there is only a forest. However, this seed gives you a quirky seaside mansion and it looks amazing. The only downside is that you have to travel or teleport to it. We suggest you make a boat in Minecraft to travel faster around this world.

  • Seed code: -1844207646
  • Biomes: Ocean
  • Woodland mansion coordinates : X: -720, Y: 66, Z: 707.

9. Country mansion

On the one hand, Minecraft Java players get a village inside a mansion. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Bedrock players have an equally rare mansion in the village. As you might expect, the villagers are more prone to attacks from hostile mobs than usual. As for the players, the village has a library, a gunsmith, a gunsmith and even a cartographer, as well as farmers.

The presence of such a diversity of inhabitants makes this place an ideal place for resources. There is even an iron golem that you can try to take to the mansion to help you defeat hostile mobs . The only downside to this Minecraft mansion seed is that you won’t get to this amazing place right on the spawn and you will have to travel to the coordinates below. In addition, there is a robber outpost nearby, which makes this place even more attractive.

  • Seed code: -1482616611
  • Biomes: taiga, swamp and plains.
  • Village Woodland mansion coordinates : X: 1829, Y: 72, Z: -1960.
  • Pillager Outpost coordinates : X: 1656, Y: 72, Z: -2024

10. The destroyed portal in the Woodland mansion.

The next seed on our list of the best Minecraft woodland seeds fits for two reasons. It includes a forest mansion near our spawn point, and this is a rare type of mansion . On the second floor of this mansion, there is a Shattered Portal with a chest that appears inside a small library.

Typically, these portals appear at the lower elevation of the world – in the ocean or at ground level. However, directly entering the mansion to see this unfortunate place is impractical in survival mode . So, you can get some resources from the nearby witches’ hut and lowland village before moving. This seed also has a bonus aspect. If you go to the opposite side of your spawn, you can find a village very close to a robber outpost.

  • Seed code: 206378771
  • Biomes: dark forest, plains and swamps.
  • Ruined portal inside the mansion. Coordinates: X: 247, Y: 77, Z: 376.
  • The coordinates of the nearest village are X: 504, Y: 72, Z: 568.
  • Coordinates of the Witch’s Hut: X: 680, Y: 77, Z: -168
  • Coordinates of the village of Zastava robbers : the X: 456, Y: 68, Z: -744

11. High Woodland Mansion

Forest mansions are known for their sheer size, but this seed is meant to make them iconic. We spawn near a swamp biome that contains a witch’s hut. Then, once you cross the swamp, you’ll see one of the tallest forest mansions ever to exist in Minecraft .

The tallest block of this forest mansion is located at 122 blocks. The mansion creates incredible landscapes and is right next to our revival point. There are a few more tall mansion seeds out there, but most are for either Java or earlier versions of the game. Apart from the mansion, you can find several gorges and caves around this area. There is one huge ravine in this seed next to the witch’s hut.

  • Seed code:  2033394339
  • Biomes: Dark Forest, Plains, Forest, and Swamp.
  • Coordinates of the Witch’s Hut: X: 280, Y: 78, Z: 40
  • The coordinates of the entrance to the forest mansion : X: 527, Y: 91, Z: 81.
  • The coordinates of the roof of the Woodland mansion are X: 564, Y: 122, Z: 83.

12. Mushroom mansion

Грибные поля известны как самые безопасные из биомов Minecraft. Из-за дизайна игры здесь не появляются враждебные мобы, даже ночью. Эти поля редки, но если вы их найдете, вы можете легко построить базу и остаться там на ночь, не беспокоясь. Однако, если мы включили это семя в этот список, что ж, на это есть причина. В этом семени все может выглядеть немного иначе.

Наша последняя запись в этом длинном списке лучших семян особняка Minecraft дает вам особняк в лесу рядом с грибным полем. Это место не близко к нашему месту возрождения, но определенно стоит того, чтобы туда съездить. Рядом с местом появления есть охота на ведьм, таежная деревня и деревня на равнинах, которые помогут вам собрать ресурсы для этого путешествия.

  • Код семян: -1258993757
  • Биомы: лес, равнины, горы и болота.
  • Координаты Хижины Ведьмы: X: 776, Y: 78, Z: 280
  • Координаты деревни Равнин: X: 536, Y: 68, Z: -328.
  • Координаты села Тайга: X: 1336, Y: 69, Z: 88.
  • Координаты особняка Woodland: X: -1688, Y: 77, Z: 392.