Top 10 Minecraft 1.18 Jungle Seeds You Need to Try

While the anticipation for Minecraft 1.19 is growing by the day, the original 2021 hit isn’t going away anytime soon. Yes, we are talking about the amazing Minecraft 1.18 update that arrived in early December. This update changed terrain generation forever. After this change, we decided to compile a list of the best Minecraft 1.18 jungle seeds for you today.

Our team has already compiled a list of the best cave seeds and the best mountain seeds in Minecraft 1.18. to give you a taste of this cool new update. And if you tried them, you probably noticed an abundance of trees. Getting wood in Minecraft is now easier than ever before. But that’s not exactly the case if you’re looking for jungle biomes. That’s why, keeping their rarity in mind, we’ve rounded up the best Minecraft jungle seeds with features you won’t believe exist. With that said, let’s dive right in.

Best Jungle Seeds for Minecraft 1.18 (2022)

Each seed on our list works with both Minecraft Java and Bedrock versions. But structures such as temples may be missing from both. So, for your convenience, we have included detailed coordinates of key locations in both editions.

1 Lush Jungle Caves

The lush caves are one of the most famous biomes of all time. You can use our best lush cave seeds to discover most of them. But even they don’t have that special lush cave hidden in the jungle. It is also one of the largest lush caves you will encounter in nature. The location isn’t close to your spawn point, but it’s worth going there.


  • Seed code: 743324574
  • Biomes: plains and jungles
  • Cave entrance coordinates:  X: 1765, Y: 115, Z: -1934.

2. Island of stories in Minecraft 1.18

This seed spawns us on a small river island with jungle on three sides. The jungle biome is huge and you can explore it in detail in both editions. However, this seed brings more interesting elements to the base edition. Here you will find a zombie village nearby, right next to the robber outpost . If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a ruined portal next to it. Now, whether the villagers escaped through the portal or were killed by robbers, this is a mystery that you need to solve.

  • Seed code: -1548078434
  • Biomes: plains and jungles
  • Outpost village coordinates:  X:289, Y:69, Z:69 (Bedrock)

3. Monstrous Jungle Island (Java)

Our next Minecraft 1.18 seed spawns us on the edge of the bamboo jungle, which is part of a giant jungle island. And it looks exactly like one of those places from the iconic Indiana Jones movies. There are several cave entrances in the area , including caves with lush vegetation. In addition, there are huge trees with vines that you can climb. And all this leads to a single central snow cliff, from which a waterfall emerges. In many ways, this seed is perfect for creating an island base.

  • Seed code: -5911948648168175046
  • Biomes: Bamboo Jungle and Jungle
  • Coordinates for the entrance to the nearest lush cave: X:246, Y:62, Z:-98

4. Seed of Scattered Jungle Drop Stones in Minecraft 1.18

There are usually stone caves underground, and usually mountains in jungle biomes are not scattered. But this is no ordinary Minecraft 1.18 seed, after all. This gives us a giant mountain in the Jungle biome, one side of which is almost completely broken. And through this broken side, a huge stone cave looks out at us. You can enter directly into it immediately after spawning. Moreover, many features of the jungle, such as vines, also found their place in this cave.

  • Initial code: -967615746
  • Biomes: Jungle
  • Cave entrance coordinates: X:-15, Y:70, Z:-96

5.  Small temple island in the bamboo jungle

The next seed potentially offers us one of the smallest jungle islands that has ever existed. We spawn in a place surrounded by some jungle trees and lots of bamboo. If bamboo is not your favorite food, you can kill some sheep for food. Also, there is a panda on the island to counter the loneliness.

Don’t forget that the nearest piece of land is almost 1000 blocks away . So, if you don’t already know, it’s time to learn how to make a boat in Minecraft. However, succumbing to inequality, there is also a jungle temple here where you can get some resources. But only on the Java version.

  • Seed code: 1479235289
  • Biomes: Jungle and Bamboo Jungle
  • Jungle temple coordinates: X:-15, Y:70, Z:-96 (Java)

6. Minecraft 1.18 Jungle Seeds + Flat Village

Even though the game has models and textures for the jungle dwellers, their villages are not yet included in Minecraft. We expect the new Minecraft 1.19 biomes to change later this year. But at the same time, this seed offers us the next best thing. He spawns us in a village on a plain surrounded by a jungle biome on all sides.

It also has two blacksmiths, making this seed even more rare. The only downside to this seed is that the village is Java-exclusive and you won’t see it in the Bedrock edition. Using it in the Bedrock version spawns on an empty plain. However, the location is still great for a hidden base.

  • Seed code: 2112031829
  • Biomes: plains and jungles
  • Village coordinates: X:0, Y:70, Z:0 (Java)

7. Jungle with a giant hole

If you’re exploring our list of the best Minecraft 1.18 jungle seeds for a basic site, you won’t find anything better than this. This seed gives us a huge jungle biome with a deep hole right in the middle . Most players can miss it or get into it if they’re not careful enough. Also, the area inside the hole is fairly even. So, if you can get rid of the mobs spawning there, it should be pretty easy to place your base there. If that’s not enough, the Java version also has a shaft built right into that hole.

  • Seed code: -873584229
  • Biomes: Forest
  • Village coordinates: X: 522, Y: 68, Z: 1395.

8. Several temples in the jungle (Bedrock)

Analysis with SeedMap Our next seed takes the players’ favorite aspect of the jungle and recreates it multiple times. This spawns us next to a huge jungle biome that has not one, but four jungle temples . Three of which are located close to each other in the Bedrock edition. However, you should be aware that you first need to cross a tiny forest to reach this beautiful jungle. Meanwhile, the Java version of the game also has jungle temples, but they are a little scattered in this Minecraft 1.18 seed.

  • Seed code: 874512433
  • Biomes: Forest
  • Temple coordinates: X: -936, Y: 75, Z: 248 (Bedrock)
  • Temple coordinates: X: -1176 Y: 72, Z: 40 (Bedrock)

9. Spawn in the jungle with two villages nearby (Java)

Villages are the best way to get started in any Minecraft world. The jungle exploration world is no different and you can easily get an edge with this Minecraft 1.18 seed. It spawns you next to two villages separated only by a mountain. Both villages have blacksmiths who can get additional resources. Once you’ve explored them, a massive jungle biome will appear for you to continue exploring.

  • Start code: -6329924776693558468
  • Biomes: jungle and plains
  • Second village coordinates: X: -1176 Y: 72, Z: 40 (Java)

10. Minecraft 1.18 Seed with the biggest bamboo jungle

The bamboo jungle is an important and iconic part of the jungle biomes. There are usually many pandas spawning in this small biome. Also, this is the only place where you can find pandas in Java version. So if you are interested in pandas or bamboo, this is the seed for you. It spawns you in the middle of a giant bamboo jungle surrounded by a standard jungle biome. The scenery is iconic, but you will have a hard time finding your way out of the tall bamboos.

  • Seed code: -875252924
  • Biomes: Jungle and Bamboo Jungle.

Try These Best Jungle Seeds Minecraft 1.18

You are now ready to explore the best jungle that Minecraft 1.18 has to offer. But if you haven’t updated your game for some reason, we have the best jungle seeds for Minecraft 1.17 and earlier. Meanwhile, for the trailblazers, we’ve covered all about this jungle and more in our Minecraft biome guide. The biome is still in its early stages of development compared to the taiga and plains. But our team is suggesting that things could change with the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 update.

We have yet to get details on this, but it would be interesting to see what it contains. But the wild update release date is a different story. In the meantime, you should explore these best jungle seeds. If you find something interesting in them, tell us about it in the comments below. Also, if you stumble upon some amazing jungle seeds yourself, please share the seed code with our readers in the comments section.