10 best Nintendo Switch games to play

The Nintendo Switch took off in the gaming scene over 4 years ago, and there have been a ton of great games ever since. Here are my TOP 10 games you just need to play.

Nintendo Switch is an unusual console that stands out from the competition. The most interesting feature is the ability to play almost 100% of games in portable and stationary modes. Thanks to this “feature” and the unique library of games, this technology cannot be ignored.

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games

10. Super Mario Party

Nintendo Switch works great as a family console. Immediately complete with it you get two controllers that allow you to play in multiplayer mode. One of these games is Super Mario Party, which is a kind of collection of simple mini-games. Challenge your family, friends and strongest opponents in this game and I guarantee you will have a great time. The main attraction of these products is the intense competition, which uses the technology contained in the cones of joy in an unusual way, such as the gyroscope. I especially like the one where you have to rotate the sides of the controller to make the movement feel like riding a small bike.

Super Mario Party is one of those productions where there is no shortage of laughter, cheers and broken fives of victory. I can confidently recommend this performance to people of all ages, because the entrance threshold is not too high, and the pleasure of the game is great.

9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The so-called Switcher is an ideal product even for people who have already completed The Witcher 3 on other platforms. Living the story of Geralt of Rivia on the bus, at school, during a break from work, or in a comfortable warm bed is an extremely comfortable experience. You can safely consider it one of those extremely rich games at your disposal on the Nintendo Switch.

Another big benefit of this release is the ability to share your save with the PC version (Steam / GOG). Nothing prevents you from playing the same save on your computer, and, for example, continuing the game while traveling. This is a great way to quickly pull a switch out of your bag, even during moments of rest, and scratch another shear or other drowners to pieces. The game is playing very well and I won’t lag if I write that this is one of the best ports made for this platform.

8. Mario Odysseus

Nintendo knew that in the early days of the Switch, it needed a Mario game that took full advantage of the console’s features and attracted new players and mustachioed plumbers alike. I can confidently say that Big N did their job with the release of Mario Odyssey.

This is one of those games that grabs the hands of fans of the previous installments of this series and takes them step by step into the world of switches. The entire gameplay is based on a skillful combination of mechanics from previous games with new ones, such as throwing a hat at characters and objects so that they move “into their bodies.” There was also an interesting use of the play space. Sometimes Marian gets flat to get past a part of the level that fits completely on the wall.

It is also worth mentioning that those who wish can use the motion controls to diversify the gameplay a little. The creators have not forgotten about their addiction to cooperative play. Those who wish can go through the game as a duet, where one of the players will play a hat with a pair of eyes. See if you can, alone or with a little help, save Princess Peach from an unplanned wedding with Bowser.

7. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Rage

Staying for a moment in the Mario Bros. universe, you can’t help but notice Super Mario 3D World, which has been enriched with the Bowser’s Fury expansion. This edition is adapted for the Nintendo Switch, not without a special add-on with a completely new campaign. For many fans, 3D World is one of the best games under the big red M banner.

It’s worth noting that Bowser’s Fury has a slightly different gameplay and is much closer to Mario Odyssey. Not surprisingly, this part of the game was recreated on this game engine. For this reason, I recommend this set more to those people who want more after completing the Odyssey.

6. Ring Fit Adventure

Times are what they are. Many people spend time at home, so physical activity may be more limited than usual. It would be advisable to move and sometimes even sweat in order to maintain your figure, weight and, above all, physical well-being. Ring Fit Adventure, heir to a legacy once beloved by many Wii Sports, is perfect for that.

Inside the game box, you will find a special hoop and loincloth to be paired with one set of rainbow cones (they are not included with the game!). With their help, you can handle the entire production and burn a lot of calories at the same time.

RFA has several modes in which you do real exercises. One of the most interesting – with a story campaign, where the task is to defeat the evil demon and his monsters using turn-based combat. Your body is a weapon, and exactly how well you train. The creators thought of every part of the body, and also regularly raised the bar. It can be a sweat wringer if you want, and if not, there is nothing stopping you from adjusting the difficulty level to suit your needs.

There was also a special menu in which you could select specific sets of exercises. A great way to actively spend time in front of the Switch screen, and also positively influence yourself in many ways. A healthy mind is in a healthy body, right?

5. Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee

I have to admit that for Game Freak Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee it was a bull’s-eye. These editions are a kind of remake of the first generation of pocket creatures.

Gameplay returns to the Kanto region, where, depending on the version you choose, your companion will be the titular electric mouse or the adorable fox-like creature. The creators listened to the fans and finally allowed wild creatures to roam the world. However, the system for capturing them has changed, because this one is closer to the popular Pokemon GO – it is focused on perfect throwing of Pokeballs and bribing potential prey with food. Interestingly, the developers were tempted to use the cones of joy to actually make the distinctive hand waves to catch the creatures on the balls.

The differences from other representations from the main part of this series do not end there. Among other things, the system of so-called abilities was eliminated, that is, the individual abilities of each creature. This is a great help during fights and can provide added value to those Pokémon that would not normally have special skills. Pokemon Let’s Go is the perfect start to an adventure with this Japanese brand, as well as a sentimental return to a region that first appeared in the gaming world 25 years ago.

4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Have you ever played with a Tamagotchi? Have you ever looked after virtual pets? We can say that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has some of these games, but it takes everything to a whole new level.

Imagine that you are landing on a newly developing island and have a direct impact on its further expansion. It’s up to you who will live with you on a piece of land in the surrounding water. Build new buildings, make friends with new residents, and trade turnips or other items to … pay off the loan you took for your own home.

AC: New Horizons has no shortage of online games to visit your friends. The best part, however, is that you don’t need anything in this title, only you can. The game rarely requires any action, and the players themselves can express themselves in a variety of ways by creating their own items. Comparison with Tamagotchi has another point – many mechanics are based on real time. The time of day, having to wait all day to build a building, and more are just a few of the elements through which you will want to systematically sit down for this random time killer.

3. Pokemon Sword / Shield

However, if you’re looking forward to the next full-blown Pokemon release, you can’t get past Sword / Shield. This is a first look at the eighth generation living in the beautiful Galar region, a subset of English culture.

Choose your snack – grass monkey, fire rabbit or water chameleon – and dash to defeat the next leaders of the room. This part features a unique mechanic that can be used in battles, which allows your Pokémon to grow to gigantic size in 3 turns, significantly increasing their strength. Some of them can even change their skills and appearance, which gives them a huge advantage over opponents.

How about oversized Pokémon battles with other players in special raids? This is one of the most refreshing things in this series that has happened over the past few hits. Game Freak has also released two DLCs that will expand your adventure with new locations as well as new legendary monsters to defeat. Will you catch them all and become Pokémon champions? It only depends on you!

2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I wouldn’t be myself if I hadn’t placed my favorite Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on one of the catwalks. An open world in which many elements depend only on the ideas of the players? Here you go! Nothing prevents you from leaving the first location, picking up a stick and running to the last boss. However, if you prefer to play a little more “in turns”, then you are at home, although the order is up to you.

Explore, seek and enjoy the fact that virtually every idea you come up with has a raison d’être and is embodied in the mechanics of Zelda’s world. I recommend playing without any tutorials because you will get the extra pleasure just from learning the rules and principles of how to do it.

BotW is an adventure of dozens of hours and numerous returns from the main storyline. It may bother you that you are unfamiliar with this Nintendian universe. This is not a problem, because the release contains a separate story about the previous parts. Enter this world and drown in it. I would like to write a lot more, although the magic of this staging is to open it yourself, so I recommend that you just sit down, run it and find out for yourself.

1. Super Smash Bros. Final

Admittedly, there were several party games in my recommendation, however the king could only be one of them. This is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the most complete Smashes edition released to date.

This is a 2.5D brawl in which you play dozens of characters from the most popular games ever released on Nintendo consoles. The main mode of the game is to throw opponents off the board, and it will be easier with each hit.

Ultimate is simply replete with a lot of content, including in terms of possible options, arenas available, and over a thousand tracks. Don’t assume you’ll be forging combos by heart. Smash offers incredibly simple and logical controls, repeated for each of the available heroes.

Apart from the classic Versus mode, you will also find a single player campaign in which many daredevils have been devoured for hours. This is a series of battles according to different rules. Aside from skill, choosing the right boosters will also be helpful in increasing your chances of winning.

Just like Super Mario Party, Smash gives you a sense of the competitive spirit. However, I have to admit that kicking my loved ones in the arena is much more fun than racing miniature bikes, although that discipline is not bad either. However, here it is attracted by the opportunity to face your opponents in direct confrontation and make it difficult for them to win duels.

Nintendo Switch is an awesome console with tons of great games in its library. These are productions of different genres that will appeal to musicians of almost any age. If you want exclusive gameplay that cannot be experienced in the same way on other platforms, purchasing this console and the games listed above is a great idea.